A campaign diary by Presidential candidate Brother Voodoo, vice-presidential candidate Wong, and campaign manager Morgana Blessing.



3 November 2004

Brother Voodoo 3:12AM

2 November 2004

Time to start getting my resumé together.
Morganna Blessing 6:17PM

Back in New York finally. It was a long swim from Monster Island. Found Brother Voodoo and discovered he had raised a new running mate. Took care of that zombie with a little magic of my own...but only after he voted!
Wong 10:00AM

Zombie Spiro Agnew 10:00AM

Election day is here at last!! I feel the spirits are with us!
Brother Voodoo 9:11AM

1 November 2004

Spiro Agnew? What was Brother Voodoo thinking? This is going to call for a big time PR blitz. Damn, I wish we had Wong back.
Morgana Blessing 3:12PM

Have managed to cut my way out of Godzilla stomach. Now somewhere in his abdominal cavity. Need to get out soon. Need air.
Wong 11:12AM

Success! I have a new running mate...zombie Spiro Agnew. A little quiet, but then so was Wong.
Brother Voodoo 2:13AM

Zombie Spiro Agnew 2:01AM

October 2004

October 31, 2004

Brother Voodoo's up to something. That's a big worry.
Morgana Blessing 7:18PM

Halloween! The night the spirits walk the Earth. My magics are strong tonight. I need a new vice presidential candidate. I think I shall raise the corpse of Spiro Agnew. That should work well. Now, where did Morgana put those newt's eyes?
Brother Voodoo 7:10PM

Digestive juices...burning skin. Lost...more...hair. Finally...reached...pocket knife.
Wong 6:03PM

October 30, 2004

The rally was going superbly, we must have had our largest crowd yet. Easily 3000 people. Brother Voodoo gave a brilliant and charismatic speech. Then Wong got up to speak and disaster struck. That's right. Godzilla. Damn giant Japanese lizard! Shouldn't he be in Tokyo instead of New York City!! Ate a damn good VP candidate!
Morgana Blessing 9:22PM

Disaster! Gojira attacked and ate Wong! I was able to drive him away using my magicks, but I think it was too late for my vice presidential candidate. I bet this was all Nader's fault!
Brother Voodoo 9:21PM

Ow! My arm!! Ow my leg! Medic!!
Wong 9:18PM

October 29, 2004

Leaving New Hampshire (and where is Old Hampshire?) to meet up with Wong and Morgana in New York City for a big rally Saturday.
Brother Voodoo 6:26PM

Making last minute arrangements for our biggest event yet: tomorrow's rally. Alerting the media. Checking with the Caterer. Tracking down my special guests. And hiring an exorcist. Can't forget about that.
Morgana Blessing 3:23PM

I hate getting up early just to catch a flight, and I hate flying Southwest with their Vishanti-damned "Cattle Car seating." Sigh. At least I'll be back in New York by tonight.
Wong 6:23AM

Octber 28, 2004

Pat Robertson denounced us on the 700 Club last night. Out best press in weeks!
Morgana Blessing 11:34AM

Bats! As the tour bus (well, Greyhound bus) was leaving Houston, we were attacked by a swarm of Vampire Bats! Luckliy, thanks to a few magical charms and a bus driver with a lead foot, we were able to escape.
Wong 8:12AM

The full moon last night was good, and the lunar eclipse made it especially potent. By the light of the moon, I was out in the glade. The sacrifice of 3 chickens will improve my chances for a win on Tuesday. I had hoped to sacrifice a Libertarian candidate to ensure victory, but couldn't find one.
Brother Voodoo 7:32AM

October 27, 2004

Many stops in Texas today. Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston. I hate having to wear the stupid hat, but I do love that Boot Scoot Boogie!
Wong 9:13PM

Campaigning throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania today. Good steaks sanwiches, but you think they'd have fixed the crack in the Liberty Bell by now. On to Rhode Island tomorrow - which Wong tells me is not even an island!
Brother Voodoo 5:12PM

We need a military endorsement to help us in this upcoming election. I don't think that Brother Voodoo's stint in the Haitian National Guard will carry much weight with American voters. Maybe Thunderbolt Ross or Nick Fury could help. Where's General Zod when you need him?. Captain Atom volunteered, but he's still a Captain after all these years ... that worries me. Hell, I'd even take Major Disaster (or even Major Bummer) at this point.
Morgana Blessing 3:57PM

Wong is in Texas today. He hates the state. I think it is because he has to wear the obligatory cowboy hat. He hates hats.
Morgana Blessing 8:42AM

October 26, 2004

Political Haiku:

long bus ride today
shake hands and kiss the babies
is it over yet

rain in birmingham
no one came to the rally
think i’ll take a nap

november tuesday
cast your ballot the right way
vote brother voodoo

Brother Voodoo 10:40PM

Oklahoma dinner tonight. No zombies, no stalkers, no elderly ladies, no vampire bats. It went very smoothly, something that’s never happened before. Now I’m worried.
Wong 10:32PM

Finances are tight again, and with only days left, we need all the money we can get. Luckily, Topaz and Santana are working their fund-raising magic. Two large checks today: one from Fisk Spice Importers and one from Adrian Veidt.
Morganna Blessing 5:13PM

October 25, 2004

Less than a week to go. Time to get get serious. Made a voodoo doll of every other candidate and their family. Didn't do Dick Cheney or Theresa Kerry -- they already doing more damege than I ever could.
Brother Voodoo 1:11PM

I decided to go ahead and accept the Luthor endorsement. At this point I don't have much to lost. Also received a crudely written and poorly spelled. Not signed. I wonder who sent it. Envelope was slightly soggy and return address was someplace called R'lyeh.
Morgana Blessing 11:21AM

I just finished talking at an AARP breakfast in La Jolla when two little old ladies came up and told me that they "just loved me in The King and I."
Oh well, it's two votes.
Wong 10:24AM

October 24, 2004

At a rally this morning, a young child asked me if monsters really existed and really wanted to eat him. "Yes," I replied and started describing some of the varieties of monsters that are fond of human flesh. His mother pulled him away when he started crying.
I may have lost her vote.
Brother Voodoo 4:22PM

Returned back to the Sanctum after several weeks on the road. I've been neglecting some of my household duties while campaigning. Spent this morning cleaning the carpets. Doc has a cloak of levitation, so why does he insist on tracking mud through the house?
Wong 1:13PM

October 23, 2004

Got a call from a person representing Lex Luthor, saying that the former president would like to endorse Brother Voodoo. I'm not sure this is a good idea. I think I'm going to have to sleep on it. I will turn them over to Topaz and Santana for fund...procurement, though
Morgana Blessing 3:34PM

October 22, 2004

Note to self: Cancel campaign appearances with the Scarlet Witch.
Morgana Blessing 8:16AM

October 21, 2004

Finances are becoming an issue again. Went to the Sanctum to talk to Doc Strange today. I asked him if he’d had any luck with that transmuting lead to gold. He gave me a lecture on the ethics of magic. I replied: “Ethics? This is politics we’re talking about!”
He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Morgana, I was once like you, but then I was ret-conned so now I’m not sure who I am.”
He then strolled into the kitchen whistling “Daydream Believer”.
Morgana Blessing 4:12PM

October 20, 2004

Various stops in Kansas today. Damn it’s flat.
Brother Voodoo 7:18PM

Booster Gold called today, offering his endorsement. I told him we weren’t home and hung up the phone.
Morgana Blessing 3:47PM

October 17, 2004

Called up Zatanna today looking for an endorsement. “Ffo Ssip,” she said. That was messy, let me tell you. Finally had a chance to explain that I wasn’t a telemarketer, but represented the Brother Voodoo campaign. We got the endorsement, and she suggested we stay away from John Constantine.
Morgana Blessing 1:56PM

October 14, 2004

Had the definite feeling that I was being watched today. I felt eyes on me wherever I was. Had Doc check the scrying glass, but he reported no magical interference, just an ordinary stalker. I’d call the police but I like the attention.
Wong 9:30PM

I want my own action figure.
Brother Voodoo 11:17AM

October 13, 2004

The final Nation Presidential Debate has come and gone, and once again, the Dissent Party Presidential Candidate was not invited. Sometimes it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle.
At least it will make a good book.
Morgana Blessing 10:56PM

October 10, 2004

Rally in New Orleans. I wish Brother Voodoo wasn’t so popular with the undead. They scare away our other supporters.
Wong 11:43PM

October 8, 2004

Another Presidential debate, another “lost” invitation. I suspect that they were never serious about inviting us after all, and just told me an invitation was “in the mail” to get me to shut up. I’ll see if Jennifer can whip up some kind of revenge spell.
Morgana Blessing 5:31PM

UPDATE: “Internets” Snicker. Good work, Jennifer.
Morgana Blessing 8:45PM

October 7, 2004

Bailed Voodoo out of Central City jail today. He needs to learn – possessed baby or not – just kiss it and go on the next one. Hope I can keep this out of the papers.
Morganna Blessing 11:57PM

Bending to down to kiss baby at Rally in Central City today when I noticed the child was possessed by the Demon Spawn on Shuggoth. Grabbed it and performed a quick exorcism. The rite was successful but the parents didn’t seem pleased.
Brother Voodoo 9:43PM

October 5, 2004

I am deeply hurt that I was not included in tonight's Vice-Presidential debate. I know that I could have wiped the floor with Edwards and Cheney. Well, done better than Stockdale anyway.
Morganna and Doc tell me not to worry because nobody watched it anyway.
Wong 11:34PM

October 3, 2004

In St. Louis today. Dangerous city --when will people learn that the Arch is nothing but an altar to the Great Old Ones? Anyway, the rally went well. Love those toasted ravioli at the Pasta House.
Brother Voodoo 11:32PM

October 1, 2004

Avengers are not answering their phone. Will keep trying, but looks like any endorsement from them will be unlikely.
Morgana Blessing 3:20PM

A two-headed calf was born yesterday in Davenport. It bleated twice than died. Clearly a sign that we need to rethink our strategy in Iowa.
Brother Voodoo 10:33AM

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September 2004

September 30, 2004

Was not invited to the Presidential Debate tonight. Frankly, that’s no concern. The constellations are in a bad alignment and would have been against me. Prank called Ralph Nader’s house instead.
Brother Voodoo 10:42PM

Rally in Opal City today.
Wong 12:11PM

September 29, 2004

Hired Jennifer Kale to head our Operations Director. She has excellent people skills and a subtle touch. Classy dresser too. Had to agree to hire Topaz and Santana as well. I'll put those two in charge of fund-raising, they seem to work well together.
Morgana Blessing 4:23PM

September 28, 2004

Full moon tonight. I plan on sacrificing a she-goat to appease the fickle spirits.
Brother Voodoo 6:21PM

September 27, 2004

I think we need a documentary made about our campaign.
Brother Voodoo 11:23AM

September 26, 2004

Another hurricane hits the east coast. The wind loas are unhappy.
Brother Voodoo 6:21PM

September 24, 2004

On the East Coast today at the annual meeting of “Frustrated Bald Men of Baltimore.” The speech went well and I received a standing ovation. I’m told to expect the full support of all follicularly-challenged men from Maryland.
Wong 8:42PM

September 20, 2004

Poor attendance tonight at Gotham City campaign rally. Almost like people were too scared to leave their homes.
Brother Voodoo 9:22PM

September 14, 2004

Finally, the campaign supplies we ordered weeks ago came in. Two cases of bumper stickers, one hundred yard signs and a dozen large banners. Also two dozen eye of newt, a case of bat wings and some virgin blood.
Morgana Blessing 2:23PM


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