“Etov oodoov”


“Better than a poke in the eye!”
Mr. E


“[Clearly Brother Voodoo demonstrates] Brains…brains!”
Zombie spokesman


(translation: Like any intelligent being, it is clear that Brother Voodoo is the only logical choice in this election year. His values and stands on the issues are second to none. I have no reservations at all about recommending Brother Voodoo for president. Vote Voodoo…or I’ll eat you!)

Fin Fang Foom


"The only option for a Presidential Candidate in today's society"
Scott, Polite Dissent


"Finally, a candidate for me, a candidate who speaks to me…no more wasting my vote, this year, it’s Voodoo for me!"
Gordon, Blog this, Pal!


"Normally we shy away from politics, but since neither mainstream candidate has offered a solid plan for dealing with extra-dimensional terrorism, we're endorsing Brother Voodoo. He's the right candidate to save our souls."
H and Mag, The Comic Treadmill


"Grundy like Voodoo Brother man"
Solomon Grundy


"This country needs a man with a vision. Brother Voodoo is that man."
Lex Luthor, former President


"Finally a candidate...who will protect me from vampire bats."


"Brother Voodoo--the Loa and order candidate!"
Fred Hembeck, Fred Sez


"A powerful man ready to tame this nation's spirits."
Papa Midnight


"I'm voting Voodoo."
Shane Bailey, Near Mint Heroes


"A vote for Kerry or Bush is letting the Demons win."
Jason Blood

"Brother Voodoo: Better the Devil you know..."
Christine Spar


"A truly Green candidate."
Alec Holland


"I think I supported him at one point, but I seem to be having trouble remembering."
Dr. Light


"A Candidate to Watch"

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